Vanderbilt University


2018                “Age of Extremes: Europe 1900–1945”

Designed and taught a survey course on European cultural, political, and social history. Provided students with a particular focus on the development of media as a social phenomenon and source. Cross-listed in History and European Studies.

Teaching Assistantships

2018                “Muslims in Modern Europe” (Prof. Emily Greble)     

2016                “Western Civilization since 1700” (Prof. Helmut Walser Smith)

2015                “World War II” (Prof. Michael Bess)

I have undergraduate syllabi prepared for classes such as “Commodities of Colonialism, 1870–1970,” “Weimar Germany,” “The History of Environmental Thought,” “Science and Empire,” and “Survey of Modern Europe, 1789–present.” Please contact me if you would like a PDF or more information on these courses.